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An island nation, the Republic of Mauritius, is located off Africa’s south-east coast in the Indian Ocean. It hosts thousands of overseas students every year, becoming an ideal study abroad destination for quality education in a broad spectrum of management, Marketing, Applied Sciences, IT, Engineering, Tourism and Hospitality.

Lower cost of living, affordable education, no language barrier, a broad range of job opportunities, international exposure, among other reasons, contribute to making Mauritius a popular destination among foreign students. Apart from education being affordable, accommodation is exceptionally student-friendly, with living costs ranging from 300-400 USD per month.

With no question of the country’s beauty, Mauritius is ideally surrounded by famed destinations like India, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, to name a few. The Indian Ocean island nation allows ex-pats to fly to various places: six hours from Mumbai, four hours from Durban, seven hours from Perth and Singapore.


Living in Mauritius makes way for experiencing a unique environment, life in the tropics, awe-inspiring landscape, walks on the beach, and rich biodiversity. Mauritius’s people mostly speak in French and English, although there is no mention of an official language in the Mauritian constitution. Students also can learn ancestral languages such as Hindi, Mandarin, Arabic, Sanskrit, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Telugu and Urdu.

Mauritius also boasts a high degree of peace, freedom and human-made attractions, all drawing in tourists along with international students. The education system, managed by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), includes many public and private universities.

The country’s exceptional living conditions are added with excellent global education standards and extensively available part-time job opportunities while studying.

Why Mauritius – Benefits

  • 20hrs/week part-time work
  • IELTS not mandatory.
  • Affordable course fee
  • Course Fee payment only after Visa approval
  • Employment Opportunities & Exposure
  • Fast-Track Visa process
  • Estimated cost of living from USD 250 to USD 275 monthly only.
  • English as medium of instruction.

Quick Facts

  • Name: Republic of Mauritius;
  • Population: Roughly 1.3 million (2020)
  • Capital: Port Louis w
  • Government: Democracy
  • Language: English (official), French, Creole
  • Religion: mainly Hindus (49%)
  • Currency: Mauritian rupees