A Residence Permit is required for eligible non-Mauritian citizens to enter and reside in Mauritius for studies. The residence permit application (accompanied by appropriate supporting documents) is processed and approved by the Passport and Immigration Office, subject to the requirements.


The first step is the Issuance of the Offer letter. Prospective students should submit the following document for JHTM and the awarding bodies consideration.

  • 1) Original scanned copy of Passport – pages with biodata particulars.
  • 2) Filled Course Application Form
  • 3) Original Scanned of all the Educational Documents with all the four borders visible

For students who meet the awarding partner’s entry requirement, JHTM will issue the offer letter.


The student is to accept the offer and submit the following visa application documents.

  • 1. The Signed offer letter.
  • 2. Filled Visa Application Form (Form Application to Enter Mauritius. The P.I.O. will require the landlord’s full contact details and the complete property address (where the student will stay after arrival) before issuing the Provisional Student Entry Visa; this information should be inserted on the form.
  • 3. Application Fee USD 250.00 (Non-Refundable in case of Visa Approval)
  • 4. The Original copies of the 6-month-old Bank transaction statement and Bank balance certificate featuring the name, signature, and designation of authorized bank signatory (to be couriered). Only funds under the students’ parents names of a minimum of INR 8 lakhs are accepted.
  • 5. The original copy of the sponsorship affidavit and self-attested colour copy are to be couriered.
  • 6. Computerized Medical Reports for H.I.V., Hepatitis -B & Tuberculosis (Handwritten reports are not accepted). Must courier all Medical Reports to Mauritius except Chest X-ray Film, which should be carried while traveling to Mauritius after visa approval. The name in reports should be as per Passport.
  • 7. Passport Size Digital photograph in 600DPI JPEG Format (3.5 C.M. X 4.5 C.M., White Background, Light Shirt, 80% Face on Photograph, No Border on the photo, No Cap or Glasses)
  • 8. Marriage Certificate if applicable.
  • 9. Birth Certificate or Affidavit of birth.


For successful applications, the P.I.O. will issue the Provisional Student Entry Visa (valid for 3 months) within two weeks. Some cases may take a longer time to process. A reference copy of the permit will be sent to the student by email.

Upon approval, the student should

  • 1. Pay the tuition fee to the designated bank account instructed in the offer letter.
  • 2. Book Ticket to Mauritius to fly before expiring the Visa (Genuine Return Ticket Required for Immigration clearance in Mauritius with single PNR).
  • 3. As a part of COVID-19 measures, students must serve quarantine for 15 days at approved hotels. They can do so by booking the accommodation from the website.

All students travelling to Mauritius must carry the following documents:

  • 1. Proof (Test Certificate) of a negative COVID – 19 PCR test administered between 5 to 7 days before the date of boarding at the last point of embarkation.
  • 2. A valid two-way flight ticket to Mauritius
  • 3. Proof of booking of a travel package including accommodation, on a full board basis, at a designated hotel for a mandatory 14-day in-room quarantine. The estimated cost is between USD 1300.00 to USD 1500.00

After completion of the formality visit the Institute who will assist to complete the formalities for collection of residence permit.